Following are pictures of the aft bouyancy tanks coming together.

A blind fillet is made while you have access to the inside area of the tank. ptwatercraft.comGlue on the tank sides: ptwatercraft.comGlue applied on the blind fillet and glue cleats: ptwatercraft.comGlue on the lid, held in place with tape and sticks; ptwatercraft.comMore finished photos will follow in another post.  Had a meeting this weekend discussing the sail design with designer Sandy Goodall. Things are moving forward. Cheers...

Foil kit for the PT Eleven (shown finished)  These are prototypes of the foils we will be offering in kit form. The foil shape (naca 0012) is NC machined from Okoume plywood in 2 halves. We bond the 2 halves together in a vacuum bag and the builder does the finish work.
PT 11 kick up rudder

Some photos of taping the chines...ptwatercraft.comptwatercraft.comptwatercraft.comptwatercraft.comI am a little behind on posting...Sorry about that. Russell has been working on some details and then had to take off for a week.. I will post more soon. The boat is looking beautiful but we are not done yet. The manual is a full time job. We really appreciate our followers and all your patience.  Cheers.. PTW

The owner/builder of the PT Skiff PIKA, recently sent this note with pictures. PIKA runs with an E-Tec 25hp motor. ....

Hey Guys,
We had a great trip up Lake Chelan and the boat performed beautifully!  Fully loaded with 3 people, dog, and gear for 4 days we managed to cover 100 miles and used 8.25 gal of gas and 14oz oil at an average of around 14 Kn. Cheers,  (owner/builder of 'PIKA") PT SKIFF18.5ft PT Skiff