Wow... it is the weekend after the event and I am still trying to catch my breath. It was so much fun and so great to meet so many wonderful boat enthusiasts yet again. Thank you to everyone for making the Boat Festival in Port Townsend such a great event. It was a special year for us for several reasons. It was an extra treat to have Meade Gougeon and Jim Brown attend and give presentations about the advantages of wood and epoxy boat building along with some sea stories. They have more than a few of those! For the occasion, Russell made an exception and brought his Proa, Jzerro, to town and wowed onlookers with the speed and beauty of this unusual boat. I hear from Jim that as the boat accelerated, Meade kept exclaiming, "Gee!"  The PT Skiff, while mostly on display at the dock,  served as a transport around the bay to and from Jzerro; a welcome break for me to get out on the water as chauffeur. Thank you to the skiff's new owner for letting us use the boat over the weekend.

Once again, it was wonderful and a privilege being at the festival along side of West System Epoxy. They had answers to every imaginable epoxy related question. Many thanks to Meade Gougeon, Jeff Wright and Don Gutzmeyer (sp?) for a great weekend.

The new prototype of the one piece PT 11 was rarely tethered to her mother-ship, Vito Dumas. Instead, lots of folks got to row or sail it around the bay. Special thanks to Alex for making that possible. Russell will be finalizing the design and manual this fall and winter and we will post updates on kit availability.

Our show neighbors and good friends from Chesapeake Lightcraft completed our weekend with a good laugh. As they were packing up their boats, John and crew walked over in all business manner and picked up our PT 11 from her display stand and marched her over to their truck. Ha ha.. but.. hey!...wait a minute! That is my boat! A feigned struggle of wills ensued, with the boat zig zagging in their grip and me between them and the tail gate of their truck, until I got them marching right back to my stand to put the PT 11 back in my court. Great comic relief and a fine compliment from such a respected kit boat company. Thanks John, my cheeks still ache from laughing.

To my dear sister, Dana...we would not have survived without you!

I will share some pictures (of which I did not get nearly enough!)from the weekend here and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the festival next year! I actually did not get to go around and take a lot of pictures.  I have noted which were taken by others with my camera.
"the Hood"
checking out the "Spear", a one piece PT Eleven
PT 11 out sailing
the PT 11 one piece dinghy out on the water during the PT wooden boat festival
Jzerro ripping through the fleet. Photo by Curtis Hinnman.
'Holding up the fort'; Our friends at West System Epoxy!
swinging at the festival...
Port Townsend Textures
...probably the most photographed of all..the beer tender..

A good friend of ours decided to be a beta builder for a Non-nesting version of the PT Eleven. He wanted a fun sailing dinghy for his grandson. Yesterday, word got out that he was launching the boat that he began in June. Lots of curious friends showed up to give it a spin. I am totally hooked on dinghy sailing now... So congratulations Alex on a lovely little boat. "Pata" will be at the wooden boat festival this coming weekend, Sept. 7,8 and 9th!  PTW