SOLD 2012

We recently had a rather large run of foils (dagger-boards and rudders) machined that are not quite up to our standards.
They are very slightly less accurate than our our usual nearly perfect foils and on the dagger-boards there is a small depression on the starboard side only. ptwatercraft.comThis low area is visible in the photo and would look a bit odd on a bright finished foil.
shows the miscut on one side. This will get filled with epoxy before shipping out.

We painted the upper end of a dagger-board from this batch to hide the filled low spot and it looks really sharp (see photo).

Click for more detailed information on our foils kits. Also, see our options page for the PT 11.

All of our kit parts, including the foils are cut from the highest quality Lloyds okoume marine plywood.  Note that 12mm plywood is now only available in the 7 ply instead of 9ply as shown in earlier foils kits. This means the foils now have 14 plies instead of 18.

Call or email for more information or to order foils. Cheers, :) PTW

A new video has been posted showing the PT Eleven nesting dinghy being towed at 9 and 15 knots. Check it out here: Towing the PT 11

Also, as a heads up, we have yet to update our PT 11 water tight hatch blog. It just got lost in the stack of "to-do's". Since our original hatch blog last year, we offer an improved hatch kit with our PT 11 kits. This has recently come to my attention because this outdated blog has been referenced on some forums and I thought, hmmm, we need to fix this... Thus, a new post will soon be up. Coming soon, we will have 2 additional sizes of water tight hatch kits designed with the SCAMP in mind. Thanks to Howard Rice and Josh Colvin of Small Craft Adviser magazine, our hatch design has gained the interest of SCAMP builder's. A detailed post about this will also follow soon. PTW :)