This is kind of a long post featuring my festival pictures, our booth, the Pt 11 on the water, a customer built PT Skiff, end show humor, & video links...

The Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival is a great event any year. This year, the 39th, was no exception. We had two hot and sunny days and Sunday cooled considerably under cloudy skies. In spite of the Hood Canal Bridge closing earlier in the week and again for a flotilla, people made it to our peninsula.

I did not get as many festival photos as usual but here are a few. It is hard not to get the same pictures as everyone else. Everywhere you look seems photo-worthy.

For PT Watercraft, the festival is increasingly a family reunion of sorts. Among the thousands who visited, were quite a few builders of our kits; some of our earliest customers, some who recently completed beautiful boats, and some who are just beginning construction. We were so happy to see everyone.  We even have show regulars who are still dreaming about building a PT 11 or a skiff, and they come every year to stroke the bright-work, listen to conversation, ask new questions. It is great to see familiar faces.

Our booth photos;

Schooner Martha has returned to Port Townsend. The Port Townsend Sails loft cheered as Martha tied up at the dock:

You can probably tell that I love our wooden boat festival even if I talk myself hoarse over the three days. I walked the docks Thursday afternoon as boats were filling the harbor, and again early Sunday morning.  The Sunday Sail-by is a highlight, though this year I found myself talking to booth visitors more than watching the hundreds of boats out on the water at once. Still very impressive! I expect lots of videos will appear on Youtube.
Harbor masters get boats into their slots for Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival in 2015

See a fun NWMC video of getting the boats into the harbor:



Our annual helper, Cooper Parrish, raced the PT 11 in the 26ft & under, and then sailed around during the Sail-by. Cooper makes very cool things at Scaled Composites in Mojave and we are so grateful that he is happy to take time out and join us at the show. Our friend Simon Miles of 206 Composites here in Port Townsend, had the Patin out as well. The Patin is probably the first beach cat design ever. Interested cat sailors might want to check out videos of the Vela Patin.

Customer built PT Skiff 'Mojo', was in the water. It was great to have a skiff at the festival for folks to check out. Builder/owners Mark and Meg were rightfully proud of their boat. Mark chose to really spiff it out with various woods, a sprayed paint job in indigo blue, and some plush outfitting choices.

At the end of the festival, packing up has a party like feel to it. We all survived a fun but physically challenging weekend. Our friends and show neighbors, Chesapeake Lightcraft, often display a bit of end show humor.  This year, they thought the Wee Nip bar next to them was closing the festival with 'BYOB' for a fill up.  Well, John and crew brought a boat!  Thanks John for all the laughs!


Jake and Josh have done it again with R2AK promo videos that I love to watch over and over again. During festival, I had to watch the 'Throw-down' video for a good laugh before beginning my Wooden Boat Festival day. Immediately following this one is the 'Will You Be Ready" video, once again featuring the talented, Zack Carver's video creativity. Check them out, laugh and share. I love this town. I cannot think of any other place that could have come up with an idea like this, keep the vibe in all its serious reality/whacky humor, and ...a straight face. Watch R2AK Throw Down and Are you ready?

It is Festival time again!  The 39th Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival from September 11 - 13th.  That is next weekend! YOWZA!

We hope you have made your plans to come! PT Watercraft will be there together with WEST SYSTEM EPOXY. Bring your epoxy questions for their very knowledgeable team to answer. These guys are amazing.
Visitors study the PT 11 nesting dinghy

We will have a PT 11 on display and one available for test rows. There should be several at the festival with their mother ships and a recently (almost) completed PT Skiff ("Mojo") will be at the docks this year. This boat promises to be a beauty judging by the few photos we have seen.

PT Watercraft customer built PT Skiff
The PT Skiff that will be shown at the 39th Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA 2015

Due to the festival, preparing for it and attending, we are not going to in office much. If you do have questions, email info (no space) and we will reply as soon as we can.

I hope we see you there!