A new look on our website

Hello all,

PTWATERCRAFT.COM has a new look and I am hoping you will help me get the bugs worked out.  There are some links that are not yet links and new pages yet to come but anything that goes really wrong will come up with different browsers and devices. This is the feed back I am going to need. I work visually on a MAC, not in HTML code, and things can easily get weird.  Also, if you have viewed our site before and it still looks the  same, you have to click refresh for each page you view.  I found this out on my own computer.

NEW PRICING; Those of you familiar with our pricing will see new pricing.  Fear not. I have spread some credit card fees into the list prices instead of adding them after the fact. We still share those fees since my mark up in no way covers all of them. List prices only apply to any portion of the order paid with a credit card.  Orders or order balances paid with US$ check, money order, or bank wire are awarded a 2% discount and this essentially back tracks prices to their previous prices. I admit it..I prefer a cash society. Banks make way too much money on credit consumerism. But, I also admit, those little cards sure can be handy! Exceptions are with international sales. Those will be case by case but generally they cost us a lot more and list prices will apply. We are always willing to discuss options.

So! I look forward to your critiques. See the website HERE.  Send comments HERE or email us. 😉 Ashlyn