Photo Contest 2015

I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest this year.

It could result in a really nice calendar.Winners could choose from puzzles, mugs, T-shirts,(printed with their winning photo), or other prize options yet to be decided.ptwatercraft.comThe PT Skiff at the festival, by Ashlyn Brown


Categories: Scenic, Action, & Project

Photo Quality: Maximum! (300dpi or more) JPEG format

Orientation: Landscape(horizontal) is best but if you have a Portrait oriented photo that you just love, send it in!

Photo-shopping:You can enhance photos but please no montage.

Judging & Submissions: Please have your pictures in by August 1st, 2015. Late entries might still be considered. Russell and I will be judges this year. Submit photos to ptwatercraft @ (no spaces)
planing PT 11 by Ashlyn Brown

Parameters detailed below along with details on all of the above.

Details info as of 1-4-2015

Scenic: Where are the beautiful places and moments you are using your PT11, Spear or PT Skiff? Part or all of the boat should be a part of the picture in some way but the scenery can be the primary subject.

Action: Like it sounds; sailing, rowing or motoring in lively conditions and locations.

Project; Can be humorous moments during your project, celebrations, launchings, artful personalized details incorporated into your boat, etc.

Photo quality: Maximum! Preferably 300 dpi or more, large(max) file size, JPEG
the quiet before fireworks on the 4th of July, by Ashlyn Brown

Orientation: Landscape.  I can crop for vertical if we have the opportunity to use it but in most cases, especially for calendars, Horizontal landscape orientation works best. My intention is to create really nice quality calendars.

Photoshopping: If you have a good photo program and like to play with your pictures, why not, but within reason please. We are seeking natural beauty in settings and human moments of experience. Montage of photos is not acceptable.

Judging: This year Russell and I will be the main " judges." As this idea evolves, details may change somewhat. We both love photography and we both have a different perspective about what makes a really good photo. I can also do photo refining if you send a raw photo that you believe has merit but you do not have a way to straighten horizons or other needed corrections.

Parameters: We are looking for pictures that everyone can enjoy, whether they own one of our designs or not. Most people can agree what kind of pictures are creative and inspiring. After all, it will hang on your wall for a month at a time.  I believe that anyone who chooses to spend their time in nature, appreciates its beauty and those who like to play in boats appreciate the excitement. I also like the idea of a portion of calendar sales as a fundraiser for a good cause. Good participation will make this a success, and then we will indeed choose a cause carefully.

Example: The following photo is just an idea of how a dramatic moment in nature can include one of our boats. In this case, the PT Skiff in the shadows.Ashlyn E Brown

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to PTWATERCRAFT @ (no spaces)