Sleeping aboard the PT Skiff part 1

One of the questions I often get is if it is possible to sleep onboard the PT Skiff. My answer is YES.
When we went camp cruising, here is what we figured out in case a campsite ashore was not available. I finally set it up again and took a few snapshots.

We fit a piece of aluminum tube that hangs with lines attached to the gussets as a way of supporting the grates.
The tube hooks on for quick assembly and stows easily in the forward storage.
We then put the grates from the aft cockpit across as a platform.
A Therma-rest / air mattress and sleeping bag have plenty of room on this platform.
Two Therma-rests can also be sufficiently supported by shifting the grates a little further apart at the middle seat.

Another arrangement is to put single mats on the grates in the aft cockpit. The grates are 6ft 3” long.

Mattresses on the grates in the aft cockpit

We felt like our idea for sleeping aboard allowed for the least amount of additional equipment and was a very lightweight solution. We used our tent’s rain-fly as a forward cover and I will post some pictures of that in the near future. A canvas dodger would also provide cover for the front and a tarp or canvas shade could provide cover for the back.  AEB

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