PT Eleven Feature

It has been weeks since we posted...Russell has been building a new PT Eleven in the shop while ironing out details in the manual. I have been re editing the manual and shuffling photos and chapters around, among other things.  In between all this and packing kits, Russell crated up our show boat and we shipped it to the east coast where it has just been christened "Wheels" and launched aboard it's new mother ship, bound for the Caribbean and Pacific via Panama. We are very excited about the adventures yet to come for this boat.

Some of our brave first customers for the PT Eleven have launched into their projects and I look forward to even more posts soon on the PT Eleven Builder's blogspot created just for this purpose.

It was brought to my attention that I had not posted about the current feature in Wooden Boat Magazine's 2012 issue of "Small Boats"!  It is a great article by Tom Jackson who came out just before the Boat festival and took the boat out for a "test drive". If you have not checked it out yet, please do! It should be at your local news stand or here online: "2012 Small Boats"
Check out this latest issue

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