Trip to Barclay Sound

I hit 'publish' on this post before it was finished..oops...this is the complete one with all the intended photos...

The 9 days leading up to Independence Day were our days of independence away from the phones, computer and, for the most part, people. Just to share it with you, I am posting some pictures that kind of highlight the trip, which was mostly wet with rain but no less beautiful.

Clearance in Victoria is often done over the phone. I thought this was funny after years of making clearances in the Caribbean and generally around the world where it is much more of an ordeal. I love Canada.. PTwatercraft.comWe anchored in Clo Oose Bay and hiked to the dock at Nit Nat, where there was crab, salmon and cold beer! The trail was incredible. Mostly boardwalk but occasionally, as here, the roots of this tree create the steps up the

Sailing into Barclay Sound. I counted 11 shades of mountains that day. I tried to paint it

In a little island group, I got to practice my dinghy sailing. I am new to solo-ing, in fact new to dinghy sailing, and now I am hooked.ptwatercraft.comWe had 2 opportunities without rain to get pictures of the PT 11 really sailing. My lens only goes up to 55mm so I missed a lot of good shots. Shopping now for a tele for the camera. Still, Russell got the little pony galloping wherever there was

Part of the trip was to get video and pictures of the new PT11 with the new rig. Evening in the Chatham Group provided one nice opportunity before crossing the straits back to

Arriving at Fort Worden on July 4th, friends showed up and everyone got to take the PT 11 for a sail... until the wind died....  ptwatercraft.com2 and 4 legged 'salty dogs' aboard...

The evening sky was so pretty and the moon rise was spectacular. Could not capture it well since the boat was moving...

Finishing the trip with fireworks.... :) PTW

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