The owner/builder of the PT Skiff PIKA, recently sent this note with pictures. PIKA runs with an E-Tec 25hp motor. ....

Hey Guys,
We had a great trip up Lake Chelan and the boat performed beautifully!  Fully loaded with 3 people, dog, and gear for 4 days we managed to cover 100 miles and used 8.25 gal of gas and 14oz oil at an average of around 14 Kn. Cheers,  (owner/builder of 'PIKA") PT SKIFF18.5ft PT Skiff

One of the questions I often get is if it is possible to sleep onboard the PT Skiff. My answer is YES.
When we went camp cruising, here is what we figured out in case a campsite ashore was not available. I finally set it up again and took a few snapshots.

We fit a piece of aluminum tube that hangs with lines attached to the gussets as a way of supporting the grates.
The tube hooks on for quick assembly and stows easily in the forward storage.
We then put the grates from the aft cockpit across as a platform.
A Therma-rest / air mattress and sleeping bag have plenty of room on this platform.
Two Therma-rests can also be sufficiently supported by shifting the grates a little further apart at the middle seat.

Another arrangement is to put single mats on the grates in the aft cockpit. The grates are 6ft 3” long.

Mattresses on the grates in the aft cockpit

We felt like our idea for sleeping aboard allowed for the least amount of additional equipment and was a very lightweight solution. We used our tent’s rain-fly as a forward cover and I will post some pictures of that in the near future. A canvas dodger would also provide cover for the front and a tarp or canvas shade could provide cover for the back.  AEB

We now have the option with some nice drawings for making the PT Skiff self bailing. Follow this link to see it!

One of several images to see on the website

This last summer we drove the skiff across country and had some opportunities to splash in the Atlantic and Chesapeake. Alas, my video skills are not too hot. I compiled some of the better clips from the summer in this video.

I would like to mention that Russell has been working on the nesting dinghy design and we hope to start a blog for it soon. Cheers.

Hello to all,

After 8500 miles, many weeks on the road with the PT Skiff and meeting so many and yet not all of you, we are back at work in Port Townsend. We will highlight the trip on our blog soon. The boat logged some good sea miles, some in extreme conditions and performed very well. Lots of people took the wheel, from friends and their children, to designers, boat builders and critics, and all clearly enjoyed the boat and expressed very positive opinions and reviews.

We spent 3 days in Brooklyn Maine at the Wooden Boat Magazine headquarters and Aaron Porter has posted a review of our boat alongside Graham Byrnes’ “Marrissa”.


While we were away, the first kit sold was completed and launched in Seattle. See photos of ‘PIKA’ on the photo album page of our site. The builder also wrote on the forum. 25HP was used on this boat with impressive results.


We would have liked to make several other stops along the way but we simply ran out of time. We hope we will see many of you at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend in September.
We are currently accepting orders for kits to be cut in August. The sooner the better for getting your order confirmed, as knowing our quantities will expedite shipping.

We look forward to hearing from you.  A&R

We are on the road to the east coast and somehow these photos did not upload right on the website so I am posting them here. When we get back I will be able to make such updates from the main computer. Here is the windshield photo and a photo of a hatch with the watertight gasket and custom machined turn-dogs installed. These photos relate to the kit details page linked from the PT Skiff page of the website (or click on the photo here in) and are options available in addition to the base kit. Thank you for your patience! Best to all, Ashlyn & Russell.

Plexiglass windshield with adjustable height on a welded stainless bar.
Plexiglass windshield with adjustable height on a welded stainless bar.
Installed watertight hatch
Installed watertight hatch