PT 11 owners and builders may find these updates valuable. We have made PDF's for easy download and in color! While we are much happier with the new gasket installation method, the hull gasket is still vulnerable to being yanked out of its notch at the lower corners. Why is this? Because surgical tubing is ...continue reading Added Details; Finishing your PT 11

There comes a time... ...when one feels the need to alter course. Russell and I started PT Watercraft in 2009, to create an outlet to share Russell’s vision for a really good nesting dinghy. Since then, he has built 8 boats to define the build process, take the right photos and to update the manuals. ...continue reading There comes a time…

Transitioning from 2018 to 2019 has had its challenges for PT Watercraft. One of the big issues for us has been to update our builder’s manuals. The PT 11 manual has just endured a big rewrite while Russell built another boat following the existing manual. This was something we had been working on for a ...continue reading Manual updates 2019

Our friend, Inger Rankins of NW Sails and Canvas, heard about the 70/48 human powered race from Tacoma to Port Townsend, and decided she had to participate. She signed up as back up crew aboard the 4 person, locally designed and built row boat, Salish Star. It looks like the first crew are all as ...continue reading The PT 11 in the 70/48 2018

As the days tease us with warm waves of air and then sudden plunges in temperature, I know Spring is almost here. Suddenly it feels like there is just so little time left before we have some deadlines looming. The biggest is the Race to Alaska in which Russell will be participating in a Gougeon ...continue reading Spring-Summer 2017 Kit availability

The new batch of plywood is BEAUTIFUL and kits are rolling off the CNC machine. Out of this batch of PT11 ans PT Spear kits, everything is beautiful, PT11 foredeck. As it is not cost efficient to cut just one new foredeck,  we are offering this kit with a $50 discount. See the photo ...continue reading 2017 Plywood, kits & a special offer!

Our mahogany riser blocks of the past were beautiful complex shapes that performed a nicely functional duty; to give the oarlock socket more bearing and to offset the height of the seat relative to the height of the oarlocks. They were, however, rather beastly to make in the quantities we have been needing. To improve ...continue reading New Riser Blocks Available!

Two weeks have already slipped by since the festival!  I am late to express my deeply felt gratitude to everyone who makes the festival happen, ( , all who participate, and all who come to talk wooden boats and all things boaty. I realize that is a big blanket statement. For the past 5 years ...continue reading 40th Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat festival

Yesterday morning began with a tropical downpour that is just as out of character for the PNW as this summer's 90 degree temperatures. A few days ago the driveway was suddenly littered with crunchy yellow alder leaves. It has hit me hard that summer is coming to an end. For us, it also means that ...continue reading Summer’s Final days