Wow, what a weekend!  First and foremost, thank you all for coming and spending time talking to us about the PT Skiff. I hope all your questions got answered and you have had a chance to check out the website if you had not seen it before. The enthusiasm expressed by so many of you ...continue reading Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2010

Hello to all, After 8500 miles, many weeks on the road with the PT Skiff and meeting so many and yet not all of you, we are back at work in Port Townsend. We will highlight the trip on our blog soon. The boat logged some good sea miles, some in extreme conditions and performed ...continue reading Back in Port Townsend

We are on the road to the east coast and somehow these photos did not upload right on the website so I am posting them here. When we get back I will be able to make such updates from the main computer. Here is the windshield photo and a photo of a hatch with the ...continue reading New Windshield & water-tight Hatch photos

Our skiff is almost complete! We are waiting on the new adjustable height windshield & mount, but besides that we only need to install the motor and cables and a few other small things. We were pulled off skiff building for a good part of the spring, filling orders for our other business, PT Foils, ...continue reading Almost Finished

This page is dedicated to notes on design and specific designs. Scroll down to read various articles and commentaries. "DESIGN" Explained; a commentary by Brian Clark Product Design is the conscious, educated and disciplined attempt to translate a clearly defined idea into a physical product.  It takes years to build the intuitive 'mojo' and discipline ...continue reading On Design