A good bumper for the PT 11 has been a priority since the beginning. We have seen lots of different dinghy bumpers over the years, lots of them falling off or the rails falling off because of all the fasteners used to hold the bumper on. We know that bumpers on dinghies are a challenge ...continue reading A Bumper for the PT Eleven

First and foremost, what a pleasure to meet our first builders who came to pick their kits up at our shop. I am very excited about having them build the PT Eleven and look forward to their contributions to our builder sharespot. The process of getting a stack of kits out the door has been ...continue reading PT Eleven kit contents

As Promised: These measurements were taken with the nested package laying on a flat table. Seat tongue extends 2” past the 70” package length at the height shown. Therefore; Maximum package = 6ft x 4ft 2”  (with bumper)  20” height at bow/stern,  17” height at bulkheads. It fits neatly with gate closed into the 6ft ...continue reading PT Eleven; Nested Dimensions