Launched! Brian in Australia has completed his PT Skiff and I think there is much to consider about what he has done with his boat. After developing sensitivity to epoxy, he had to hire help to finish the boat and we tip our hat to his perseverance. Clearly Brian is a stickler for detail and ...continue reading A PT Skiff taken to the ‘next level’

The owner/builder of the PT Skiff PIKA, recently sent this note with pictures. PIKA runs with an E-Tec 25hp motor. .... Hey Guys, We had a great trip up Lake Chelan and the boat performed beautifully!  Fully loaded with 3 people, dog, and gear for 4 days we managed to cover 100 miles and used ...continue reading PT Skiff PIKA in Lake Chelan

Port Townsend Watercraft non longer produces kits for the PT Skiff. This was purely a logistics decision as our nesting dinghy became more popular and took up all of our time and space. The PT Skiff designers at BIEKERBOATS.COM are offering plans as of 2022 but builders need to note that the manual, which can ...continue reading PT Skiff Q & A

One of the questions I often get is if it is possible to sleep onboard the PT Skiff. My answer is YES. When we went camp cruising, here is what we figured out in case a campsite ashore was not available. I finally set it up again and took a few snapshots. Another arrangement is ...continue reading Sleeping aboard the PT Skiff part 1

This last summer we drove the skiff across country and had some opportunities to splash in the Atlantic and Chesapeake. Alas, my video skills are not too hot. I compiled some of the better clips from the summer in this video. I would like to mention that Russell has been working on the nesting ...continue reading PT Skiff clips from summer 2010

August 8, 2010 is now marked on the calender as the first PT Skiff rendezvous. PT Watercraft and "Pika" met in Puget Sound and compared boats and notes and each took turns at the wheel of the other. Paul Bieker and family happened to be Seattle bound on their boat which provided a great photo ...continue reading PT Skiff Rendezvous 2010

July 6th...Geee...a lot has happened since we last posted. This trip has been a whirlwind of driving, arriving, busy busy, camp and drive again..  The Wooden Boat Show in Mystic was a lot of fun and we want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm about the PT Skiff. Everyone we met was super nice and ...continue reading Crossing the USA with the PT SKIFF