The PT SPEAR is back in production!  Please see the PT SPEAR page on our original website for our description or go directly to the Chesapeake Light Craft PT SPEAR dinghy kit page. PT SPEAR related blog posts HERE

...a video opportunity... We recently had the opportunity to document painting a PT SPEAR. I put together a video of applying the first coat and some highlights of the third coat. The video is not a “how-to” but rather a demonstration that may be most useful to those of you preparing to paint your own ...continue reading Painting a PT Spear

We now have a pattern for the PT 11/Spear cover. This option allows owners to pay their local canvas shop for time and materials to stitch it up but not for the time to measure and make a new pattern. Owners may also have the skills to stitch their own. The cover is for the ...continue reading PT11/ SPEAR cover pattern now available

This year was the 39th annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival.  Among our friends who participated, Alex Spear was there with his beautiful boat, Vito Dumas and her tender, ‘Pato’, a PT SPEAR. 'Pato' is in fact the very first PT SPEAR. In Alex’s words, ‘An esteemed panel of judges, including our local Carol Hasse, selected ...continue reading Award for the PT SPEAR

As more PT Spears are built, the question of an ideal dolly has been asked. Recently, Russell and I joined friends in Port Townsend for a day of sailing. Our friends both own PT Spears; the one-piece version of the PT 11. Each are transported differently. "Pato" arrived in this truck. This is actually an ...continue reading A dolly for the PT Spear

The PT Spear, one piece PT11 design is now official and kits available. This was such a Port Townsend moment; A dinghy launching with flowers and bubbly, great friends and even a blush causing speech in the drizzling rain. All that was missing were the bagpipes! Another SPEAR post HERE.  

  THE SPEAR is identical in hull shape to the PT 11, but the interior geometry and construction are quite different and deserve explanation.  The PT 11 has a full width foredeck so that water drains into the aft compartment, otherwise there would be three areas that would need bailing of rain and spray. The ...continue reading The Spear Non-Nesting PT11 explained

Notice Port Townsend Watercraft will not be shipping out anything during the month of April, 2024 This includes sailing rig drop shipments, print books, bumper, Delrin turndogs, and fillet sticks. Dinghy kit sales are through Chesapeake Light Craft and not affected by this notice. Ashlyn, the one who prints the labels and keeps track of ...continue reading Closure for the month of April