The Seventy 48 race this year was a first for PT Watercraft in that there were two PT 11's in this 70 mile event. Our local hero Inger Rankins rowed her 4th race in the PT 11 and it is interesting how every year can be so different. We will start with Inger, whose tracker ...continue reading 2023 Seventy/48 and 2, yes TWO, PT 11 nesting dinghies

Page under construction. Thank you for your patience. As we build this page, visit the PT 11 Homepage to learn more about this design. If you are ready to order your PT 11 kit, our production partners at Chesapeake Light Craft are doing an amazing job and are ready to work with you. A WEST ...continue reading PT 11 Nesting dinghy

It has begun, Friends! Chesapeake Light Craft has their first orders for the PT Eleven Nesting Dinghy and we look forward to this relationship being successful. The CLC team has been working diligently through the many details related to our collaboration. We thank them for including the PT 11 in their catalog. Ordering info Link ...continue reading The PT 11 nesting dinghy kit is available at CLC

It’s time for us to admit it, our boats seem have a weakness. We may just be treating our boats  poorly, but it’s more likely that there is an issue that PT 11 owners should be aware of. Owners, please check your gunwales for cracks. Builders, there will soon be an added step in the ...continue reading Important UPDATE for the PT 11 Nesting Dinghy

Every now and then a friend has a boat for sale that they would like us to post on our website. We do this selectively for free. Paul Zeusche, who makes the connective hardware for our kits, has recently finished refurbishing a molded fiberglass nesting dinghy (14 feet) that he and his wife used extensively ...continue reading 14ft Fiberglass Nesting dinghy for sale

  THE SPEAR is identical in hull shape to the PT 11, but the interior geometry and construction are quite different and deserve explanation.  The PT 11 has a full width foredeck so that water drains into the aft compartment, otherwise there would be three areas that would need bailing of rain and spray. The ...continue reading The Spear Non-Nesting PT11 explained

A good friend of ours decided to be a beta builder for a Non-nesting version of the PT Eleven. He wanted a fun sailing dinghy for his grandson. Yesterday, word got out that he was launching the boat that he began in June. Lots of curious friends showed up to give it a spin. I ...continue reading The first NON-nesting PT Eleven has launched!