We now have a pattern for the PT 11/Spear cover. This option allows owners to pay their local canvas shop for time and materials to stitch it up but not for the time to measure and make a new pattern. Owners may also have the skills to stitch their own. The cover is for the ...continue reading PT11/ SPEAR cover pattern now available

I admire those who take on the challenge of building a boat or an airplane. CNC technology on kits has done for creative people, what the GPS did for adventurous people. (Not that they might not be one and the same) Cruising is far more accessible to those without traditional navigational skills, and CNC routering ...continue reading PT11 launch with a bonus

This letter came in November and I have the author's permission to post it along with the pictures he sent. It is clear by the pictures, that this boat has gotten some real use. Nothing could please us more. šŸ˜‰ "The boat went into the water Thanksgiving 2014. Since then Iā€™ve spent a lot of ...continue reading PT11-“off label uses”..

We recently finished our sixth (yes, sixth) PT 11 prototype. This was to incorporate a few design changes and re-write much of the manual in an effort to make the boat easier to build. Building this many boats can lead to some labor saving ideas and we felt that we needed to do our best ...continue reading PT11 2014 and updates

We have some PT 11's launched this Spring. These are the ones I have received pictures for. Paul in Alaska faced a winter under more snow than I have ever seen... and spent his time, not in hibernation, but working on his PT11... and shoveling snow! As the world thawed.. he brought his little boat ...continue reading PT11 launchings in Spring 2013

  THE SPEAR is identical in hull shape to the PT 11, but the interior geometry and construction are quite different and deserve explanation.Ā  The PT 11 has a full width foredeck so that water drains into the aft compartment, otherwise there would be three areas that would need bailing of rain and spray. The ...continue reading The Spear Non-Nesting PT11 explained

We have developed a simple and effective hatch that is water tight and flush with the deck. Russell has used similar systems for custom hatches on different kinds of boats. The PT 11 foredeck hatch kit is offered as an option to the PT 11 nesting dinghy kit. Alternatively, one could use commercially produced deck ...continue reading PT11 Watertight hatches