an outing in July

This month saw the launch of our proa, Jzerro. She had been pulled up onto a bank in a friend’s yard on the Hood Canal for more than a year. With a ‘come-along’, logs for rollers and skids, Russell got her onto the beach just in time for the tide to float her. A couple days later, we picked her up with friends, Bly and Abel, in the PT Skiff and  passed under the bridge and onward for a great sail to her new mooring. The day began in thick fog but ended in beautiful sunshine and gusty winds.
Bly captained the skiff and had some adventures of his own, exploring both sides of Puget Sound and discovering what the skiff can do in 20knots of wind. By the end of the day, we were happy to hear we had a new fan of the boat.

Russell at the come-along as Jzerro nears the bank's edge
Cruising around in the PT Skiff
Bly exploring

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