Back from BC

We have returned from our trip to BC feeling generally refreshed. Our main goal of getting good video of the nesting dinghy was largely thwarted by successive gales and torrential rains! However, we did get a few light winds clips on our last day in the San Juans and we had some time on our trip to simply chill.  Today I will post a few photos. It will take me a bit longer to sort through the video clips and put something together. One thing was for certain on this trip; wherever we went, the PT Eleven attracted enthusiastic interest. This is very exciting for us!
For those of you who have ordered your kits already, our CNC shop is scheduling a session for the plywood parts, and the  connective hardware, gaskets, and other stuff are on order to complete the packages.  Russell is working on  the adjustments to the manual. More updates to come soon! ptwatercraft.comThe PT Eleven nested on the trampoline of Jzerro ptwatercraft.comVito Dumas sailed with us for most of the trip to Desolation sound. ptwatercraft.comRussell and I having a leisurely sail. ptwatercraft.comA row around the bay with Peter. ptwatercraft.comAlex, an avid “SUP (stand up) board guy” sailing the PT Eleven. ptwatercraft.comWatmo Bay.



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