Boat designer/builder talks about building a gypsy wagon

Building a 'roulotte' in France

I am including this post because I think it is interesting and...
Suzanne Snadecki paints her dream into reality..

it involves my family doing something pretty amazing. My mother, who lives in France, woke up one morning and decided she wanted to travel around the country in a horse drawn gypsy wagon. A long time sailor herself, this will be her 'boat ashore'. Not one to do anything half way in spite of a shoe string budget, she has made major progress toward realizing her dream from scratch in little over a year.

BSD-Batwing (™) sail creator and founder of Balogh Sail Design, MARK BALOGH,
The doorway arch in progress.

is a big part of the project. Here he writes about building a roulotte ("gypsy wagon") using multihull design as a reference point. There are other posts with pictures of the construction and material choices or Click here to start from the beginning! on

Suzanne has been raising the money for the project in small doses, with her paintings and donations from inspired friends. Her blog is rich with humanity, color, and the unfolding story of the project happening in the scenic country side of France. The project has also become a statement about slowing down in a world that seems to have forgotten how to look up and see the beauty around us.

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