Foils case

We have developed a case to carry and protect your stored dagger board and rudder for the PT11. We are using a fabric called "Evolution"(tm) or "Block-out", designed for classic car covers. It is water repellant and breathable so you can put your foils in the case wet. These bags are not padded but the fabric is slightly cushioned and chafe resistant, and  the case is double stitched with heavy, UV protected Polyester thread. Our design is streamlined and fitted to the foils shape. Separate pockets house the dagger board and the rudder while a single flap closes both openings, secured with 2" x 9" Velcro.  Custom made in the USA. Retail price of $90

http://www.ptwatercraft.comShown above with the PT Swift applique.

Close up detail of the fabric texture showing both sides. ptwatercraft.comSee the options offered for the PT Eleven nesting dinghy.

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