Good news!

Our Christmas present this year was a very large stack of plywood.

This is a big deal for us. Some of you may know from an earlier post that one big reason end-of-2015 production halted was due to not liking the plywood that was available. We take plywood very seriously for our kits. It needs to be beautiful since most of our builders like a clear finish. Flatness is critical for many parts and  consistent ply thickness is important especially on parts like foils, both for strength and because shaping the foils shows off the separate layers. If we accidentally cut foils from faulty plywood, they need a lot of extra work on Russell's part and then are sold discounted as 'Paint-grade'. So we have learned to be even more particular in our selection even if that means being a bit of a pain in someone's rear....

Thus, we are very happy to announce that Edensaw Woods has recently secured some beautiful plywood.
We tend to buy lots of plywood when we like the quality so pre-Christmas Eve, Russell went through an entire unit (86 sheets) of 6mm and only found a few that we didn’t buy. We also bought enough 12mm to not have to worry about that thickness for at least a year. Very important parts are cut from 12mm, such as the main bulkheads and foils, so, high grade plywood is critical.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you were hoping to build a PT 11, PT Spear, or PT Skiff in the New Year, we will have kits!

If you would like to know more about the care we take in producing our kits, we have been putting together an in-depth article about it. This will follow soon.
Double checking the packing lists