Hanging the PT Spear on Davits

I want to share this PT Spear with you. Built in Texas and transported to the East Coast, the builder has done a great job and customized the boat to hang just right on the mother ship's davits.  The custom cover they had made is also very attractive and functional. See the photos below.
And..of course... the following comment was very happily received! 😉
"...We have been using the dinghy for nearly two weeks to get to and from the boat and the beach/dinghy dock.  So far, we have not splashed so much as a drop of water onto the crew or passenger (other than what I splash up with the oars - I’m still learning to use these long babies), despite rowing ashore and back in up to 20 knot winds and fairly choppy conditions.  It rows like a dream and I get an upper body workout for no extra charge.  We could not be happier with the finished product."

Photo by Hal Wells
Creating protected holes for a bridle.
Mock up of lifting the boat to create the bridle.
Swallow in place on the 'mother ship'..
Rain cover for Swallow, a PT Spear

Construction pictures of PT Spear, "Swallow", and current adventures can be seen on the owner's blog HERE>