Recommended Books by Friends

We have some amazing friends and many have shared their knowledge and told their epic stories on the page. We  showcase these authors on this page. The image links go to the book's Amazon page. We are just as pleased if you seek these books in your local bookstore or other online sources.

Joni Blanchard has been making boats shine for decades and can still be seen wielding her craft in Boat Haven in Port Townsend. Brighten your brightwork thanks to this book.

Tricks, Cheating & chingaderosSteven Callahan tells a moving and life changing story.

Adrift-76days-lost-at-seaJim Brown is family of course, and publicly, he has been a lifetime advocate of the cruising trimaran. See the book below. He has also spent decades documenting the evolution of multihulls through videos, podcasts and articles, now coming together in a history project for the benefit of posterity. Learn more here at

Case for the Cruising Trimaran

Jim's autobiography starts in this volume one of Among the Multihulls.

Among The Multihulls 1

Another family member started with a dream of a horse drawn gypsy wagon. The reality became a wonderful learning journey. The book includes technical information on building this craft with a complex set of parameters as well as full color art & photos and philosophical observations & anecdotes. PT Watercraft also maintains stock in house and has options for 3rd party sellers.

Toti BleuGraham Cox contacted us during the writing of this book. He and Russell have mutual friends and we want to introduce his work here. Look also for volume 2!

Last Days of the Slocum era 1