Need things while we are away?

Port Townsend Watercraft is closed June through mid July this year as we will be sailing the boat back from Ketchikan after the Race to Alaska,  discovering places new to us along the way. Getting to take a cruise of some kind every year is a big reason why we run our own business and it supports our ability to maintain our high standards of quality. It refreshes our minds and spirits so we can devote ourselves to producing these custom kits, writing books, and develop new ideas.

If you have just discovered our site or have been following our designs for some time, it is good to let us know sooner rather than later that you have decided to build one of our kits. We have a convenient Quick Deposit button on our website that puts you in a ‘first come, first serve,’ position. Upon our return, we will contact you and begin the process of preparing kits on order.

While we are away, some of our products can still be purchased with timely delivery. See the links below image.

PT Watercraft.comE-books (PDF downloads) immediate delivery of download link to your email. Plus other book links.
Epoxy Basics and Scarfing Basics Print books on Amazon- search by title
Epoxy Basics and Scarfing Basics can be found in some stores, including Wooden Boat,(Brooklin Maine), Admiral Ship Supply, Edensaw Woods, NW Maritime Center, (Port Townsend), Fiberglass Supply,(Burlington WA),  Fisheries Supply(in store Seattle)
Delrin Turn Dogs (Hatch Toggles) at CLC boats
Carbon Eye-straps (Glue on!) at CLC boats
Builder manuals-use the Buy Now option. There may be some delay via third party shipper.
The PT 11 out in the bay with an RC sailboat and a classic motor yacht.

The 41st Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival is happening September 8-10.  We are so happy to announce that we will be there again, sharing a tent with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.
Our booth with WEST SYSTEM EPOXY and 3 PT 11's on display!

I am told that there will be several PT 11's, Spears and Skiffs at the festival. We also hope that anyone in the area with a PT 11 or PT Spear, will come over for the "under 26ft" Regatta in the afternoon on Friday. Wouldn't it be fun to have a fleet of our dinghies to compete against each other? There is also a rowing race on Saturday  morning. They should have a schedule up soon; Tickets go on sale July 1st. We hope some of our PT11 family club will set up one class regattas over the next year and we will help spread the word via our Quarterly Newsletter.

We hope you will enjoy discovering all of the information on our website, Videos on our Youtube channel, and please do not hesitate to send your questions to info@ (no space) We will respond as soon as we can.

Happy Summer and Fair Winds! 😉 AEB