New Books Spring 2015

Scarfing Basics is finally an e-book/PDF too! 

I know took forever! I will just Books from PT Watercraftsay that I am a MAC person and if I never have to use a certain MS word processor again, I will be happy.  After a lot of tutorials and finally formatting the book, the version I used did not allow active links even for the table of contents. I scratched it and went back to my free word processing program. It took a while to get over the lost time. So now you can get the DIGITAL version of SCARFING BASICS HERE.

I have also just published a children's book. Children's book for sailing kids

I created this book when I was cruising with my daughter many years ago. Sailor Sai Aboard Big Blue is a little tour of life living aboard a sailboat from the eyes of a child. The book hosts rhyming verse, a colorful illustrations and  colorable line drawings. Each page is a sampling of living on a boat and the nature seen while cruising. The story was inspired by the real life of a little girl named Sailla who sailed many of the worlds oceans before her 10th birthday. Best suited for ages 2 to 10.

I have it priced at $12.95 (26 full color pages) and can send it postage included for that price  anywhere in the USA. You can also buy it from HERE. likes to play with numbers and they offer the book at a range of Thank you! (Ashlyn)

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