New carbon eyestraps

June was a month of distractions, delays and details that slowed progress on the the nesting dinghy.
One of those distractions was a turning point in our carbon eyestrap production.  Demand for these little hand crafted eyestraps has increased. This is good news! However; our previous production method was not meeting demand effectively.
It became evident that we needed to improve our production method quickly so we settled on a new design and we had a mold mold CNC machined. We combined the “long” and “short” sizes into one size for the single eyestrap. This size can still hold 2 lines or bungee of up to 1/4inch diam. The following photo shows cross sections of all three designs and the next photo shows a top view comparison.
From now on, we will only carry the new size and they can be ordered via the order form on our website or send us an email.
From far left: long eyestrap, short eyestrap, the new single eyestrap.
From top to bottom; long eyestrap, new single, short eyestrap.

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