Ashlyn & Russell welcome your questions and feedback. Currently tech questions or questions about your kit should first be directed to If you still need assistance, send us an email with a photo and/or page number as reference. We are in WA State's time zone. Monday through Friday for best response time. We do ...continue reading Russell & Ashlyn Brown

Links to Instructional and Informative pdf pages. ( mostly arranged alphabetically. Also listed are a few blog posts or you can search the blog with keywords or categories) #1 : Dinghies maintenance & troublshooting BALER for the PT 11 & Spear (pdf) Bumper installation (PT 11 & Spear)color .pdf Carbon eyestrap installation (pdf) Cheap Oars ...continue reading PRINTABLES

A bit of snow in Port Townsend and things slow down a lot and, like so many, we too saw some record low temps for this area. For Christmas Eve we are back to wind and rain and all is green again around our house, the Salal and conifers having shed their blanket of white. ...continue reading Winter season update

Leo, of Sampson Boat Co / Tally Ho rebuild project, has featured the PT 11 prominently in one of his excellently produced videos. We are a little floored by the feature and yes, very grateful. He surely would not have made such a great video (we think all of his videos are great) if he ...continue reading Wow! The PT 11 on Tally Ho

PT 11 kits will become available this year if all goes as planned. The hiccups include supply chain issues and rising shipping and material costs. We are making forward progress. We have been working with a well established kit company who long mentored our fledgling business and really wants to produce our kits. We will ...continue reading June update on Kit availability progress

Customers launched new boats in 2020 and I am happy to share photos and comments we have received. "Russell & Ashlyn   I wanted to let you know that we finally finished our PT11 dinghy.   And although we haven’t sailed it yet in warm water, we have tested it out in CO.  My wife ...continue reading Customer photos from 2020

Port Townsend Watercraft is not closed! As the signs indicate on our website, we are not able to take orders for kits (PT 11 and PT SPEAR) at this time. We had hoped to have a clear path figured out by now but we are still exploring what production might look like in 2021. By ...continue reading Production on hold – 2020

The Victoria Classic Boat Festival happens annually right before Port Townsend's Wooden Boat Festival. Many from our local fleet grace their docks in neighborly appreciation of these beautiful boats as we welcome their fleet in the days that follow. This year, the PT 11 took the Best Tender award in Victoria, "without even trying!" according ...continue reading Award winning