Price increases 2014

Since we began producing the PT 11 kit, all of our costs have gone up. Plywood, CNC machining, and everything else we use has increased in price.
For now, we are holding the price of the basic kit where it has been since we began but we need to increase the prices for the rigs and foil kits.

Our sailing rigs are getting both better and lighter.  These rigs are not a kit. They are ready to drop in the boat and go sailing. All the spars and some of the fittings are carbon fiber, the hardware is Harken, and the sails are beautifully made out of top materials. The unfortunate fact is that they are also more expensive for us to produce than when we began.  (Clicking on the photos below will lead to detailed posts, in new frames, about the rig and foils kit.)

Our foils take a surprising amount of materials, CNC time, and handwork.  Like everything we produce, these parts are clean, efficient, and nice to look at. Not your average kit dinghy foils...
Click on Photo to see a full post about our foils kit.

See our website for new prices. Thank you! PTW 😉