PT 11 Capsize video

The water is cold here. The idea of jumping into it takes some courage so this video has been put off for way too long.  Russell actually did about 8 capsizes while I happily recorded them....or so I thought. In sunlight I could not see if I was recording or not and guess what... I had some nice video of my feet, and Russell getting ready to capsize.. I had to ask him to do it all again and by this time he was pretty chilled with teeth chattering and all. Well, he persevered and I got in there afterwards so that he would not be the only one to freeze, and because I had never done it before! It was much easier than I thought it would be. Lucky me had a wet suit but the initial shock of the cold water was not wasted on me even through the wetsuit. So the footage we got was limited but hopefully fun and informative. If for some reason you cannot view it, please let me know.  I did use some music that may cause it to block. If that happens, I will have to change the tunes.. PTW 😉

PT11 Capsize video