Options for dinghies

The following links are to information about our dinghy kit options and various parts we make that could be used on other small craft. We hope to expand offerings on this page. Also see the EXPLORE tab for more.

Please note that our original website hosting the below pages, may not show up on your computer/browser accurately. It is on an obsolete site-builder program and I am seeking affordable solutions to offering items directly on this website.  Please contact info@ptwatercraft.com if you would like a quote.

Small Boat Solutions page for Delrin Turndogs, PTW's unique bumper section, 8 radius fillet sticks, GACO(tm) oarlocks, PTW's unique dinghy gooseneck fitting. Inquire if pricing is not evident. info@ptwatercraft.com

PT Watercraft's Sailing rig information

ptwatercraft.com Options page Includes rudder and daggerboard information.

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