Small craft Hatch kits

UPDATE: Port Townsend Watercraft no longer produces these hatches. We still have the instructions online HERE and for savvy DIY folks, it may be enough information to create your own. Additional tips: The lid thickness must match the cut-out thickness, the gasket notch depth is cut to .185", and the recommended gasket can be found on Mcmaster Carr:: Super soft latex tubing # 5234K96. The information below from this old post is left available in case there are any helpful details to glean for making your own.

Port Townsend Watercraft has expanded it’s line of water tight hatch kits. We have recently developed watertight hatch kits for the SCAMP from Small Craft Advisor Magazine. (see discussion at the SCA link) These are similar to the very successful water tight hatch that we use in our PT Eleven nesting dinghy. These hatches can be used on any kit boat where the dimensions allow.

Our hatches differ from their plastic counter parts in that they are actually water tight.  This is achieved with the combination of a very rigid lid and coaming, the right gasket, and really slick machined Delrin turn-dogs. They are a bit of work to install and finish but the hatch kits come with a very complete photo manual and the result is an easy to use, flush, and good-looking hatch.

The kits (Used to) include the machined high quality Okoume plywood parts, (coaming, stiffener and lid), gasket, machined delrin turn-dogs, fasteners, kevlar tether, and instructions.

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