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Here is something that has just about all of our boating friends talking, scheming, dreaming, and even a few actually preparing for... After watching this video, which I find to be the perfect play on the multi-million (and 'tough-sailor-dude') sailing event videos, even I have fantasized about doing this.... well...maybe in another life... if I come back as a 'tough-sailor-chick' 😉 ... Check it out HERE.r2akchart

Donate on Kickstarter if you can, to help get this first race off the ground!
PT11 joins the Pocket Yachters Palooza

One of the sponsors, Pocket Yachters, holds a 'mini' boat show every year here in Port Townsend. They have a great website with really nice photos and if you want to be inspired or like to gather and play in small boats with others, see their website HERE

PTW Ashlyn Brown