Felted Critters


This is a book with 6 animal patterns for ornaments made from felts; A pouncing fox, jumping salmon, howling wolf, watchful owl, busy beaver, and hanging bat. These "critters" were inspired by a gift of handmade felt scraps from a friend whose lovely colors gave the critters a whole new life. With the sale of of these ornaments at a craft gathering, the proceeds were donated to a local charity and the idea of the pattern book was born. I call these, “critters with a mission”. That mission being to charm their owners and bring awareness to the critical roles of predator and prey, and a balance of diversity in nature. This book assumes you have felts to work with. That could be, Eco-Felt, handmade wool felts, felted wool sweaters and other recycled material that will not unravel at the cut edges. More ideas and patterns HERE.

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