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PT Watercraft’s PT Skiff kit; fuel efficient, functional, modern, & attractive.

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NOTICE: As of September 2018, the PT Skiff production is under review and is currently in the hands of the designers. Thank you!

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PT Watercraft offers kits for new and unique boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive.

Our focus is on creating boats that answer the needs of serious cruisers, weekend camp cruisers and environmentally conscious boaters, sail and motor. Featuring: the fuel efficient 18.5ft center console , PT Skiff, Russell Brown’s modern performance nesting dinghy series, carbon marine hardware, water tight hatch kits, hatch toggles or ‘turn dogs’, adjustable wind shields, dinghy rigs, sails, dinghy foil kits, original PTW stainless steel connective hardware, stitch & glue and epoxy instructional books, etc...

R&D by Russell J. Brown with various design collaborations with Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley of Bieker Boats, Jim Franken of Franken Design, Brandon Davis of Turn Point Design, Paul Zeusche of Townsend Bay Marine, Sean Rankins of NW Sails. Special thanks to our honorary consultants, John Marples, Dick Newick, Jim Brown, Brian Clark, Tom George, Sandy Goodall, John Harris, Alex Spear, Tim Nolan, Meade Gougeon, Ted Pike, Chris Grace. Wood for our kits comes from Edensaw in Port Townsend, WA. Our preferred epoxy is WEST SYTEM  from Gougeon Brothers. Publicity thanks to Wooden Boat, Professional Boat Builder, Small Craft Advisor, Epoxy Works, and our customers!..+

This image shows the 1” fiberglass tubes that connect the forward cockpit to the aft cockpit (under the middle seat).

This second image shows similar tubes under the back seat that have the “Elephant’s trunks” attached.

Installing these tubes while the boat is under construction would be very easy and the cost of this option will be minimal.

PT Skiff Self Bailing Info.

While the PT Skiff was not designed to be truly self bailing, there is a relatively simple option which will allow it to self bail at speed and drain while on the trailer.

Because the PT Skiff does not have a sealed floor above the waterline, this self-bailing method relies on a device called, an “Elephant’s trunk”. This is simply tubes coming out of the back of the hull (see images) with “lay flat” hoses attached. These hoses are held vertically against the transom by a quick-release control line and released when draining or bailing is needed.

The hose used in an “Elephant’s trunk” will open up to allow water to escape when the boat is on a plane, but will pinch itself closed when the boat is not planing. See more images and pictures HERE.

Motor Options

The PT Skiff is rated for a maximum of 25 HP. We have been happy with a Yamaha 20 HP. Another PT Skiff uses a 25HP E-Tech. (See 25hp E-tech performance report) Both perform admirably, the latter giving approximately 4mph in additional speed. Both motors burn less than 2 GPH and less than 1GPH at cruising RPM.

Gas tank, Steering, Battery
I have put together some pictures of our installation and Pika’s installation. Click to see the slide show. Cable lengths as per Our installation: Steering cable = 14ft, Controls cable = 17 ftAlbums/Pages/PTSkiff_controls.html

NON- Self Bailing

We used a Thirsty Pump adapted to fit in the holes drilled in the grates.

We do not offer grates kits anymore but we do offer machined grates for those who decide not to make solid soles and elephant trunk drains.

Capacity rating and Stability when flooded.

Click to see testing slide show.Albums/Pages/PT_Skiff_USCG_tested.html


LOA: 18.5ft (5.6m)    Beam: 6ft 2”(1.63m)

Draft: 15” (.38m)

Weight: app. 550 lbs with 20 HP Yamaha 4 stroke/ 385 LBS without motor

Water Ballast: 37.5gal (142L) 321lbs

Engine: 20HP 4 stroke / MAX HP:25

Fuel Capacity: 6gal portable tank

Cruising speed: 15 kn

Range at cruising speed:app 65 nm

Construction: wood & epoxy

USCG Safe Capacities Rating:

6 people or 800 LBS  OR

1200 LBS. Persons, Motor & Gear

Max HP: 25

Windshield details
I have put together some pictures of our installation. Click to see the slide show.
See more self bailing picturesAlbums/Pages/PT_Skiff_self_bailing.html
OR, Read an article about it here.
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PT Skiff Water Ballast Explained 
See a post on our development site
Trailer suggestion
The EZ-LOADER EZB 14-17ft 1250 trailer with bunks (not rollers), single axel, is a good choice. Click to visit EZ-Loader site.
View an overview of building the PT Skiff. Click here to see a .PDF presentation.