A Self Bailing Option for

The PT Skiff





While the PT Skiff was not designed to be truly self bailing, there is a relatively simple option which will allow it to self bail at speed and drain while on the trailer.

Because the PT Skiff does not have a sealed floor above the waterline, this self-bailing method relies on a device called, an “Elephant’s trunk”. This is simply tubes coming out of the back of the hull (see images) with “lay flat” hoses attached. These hoses are held vertically against the transom by a quick-release control line and released when draining or bailing is needed.

The hose used in an “Elephant’s trunk” will open up to allow water to escape when the boat is on a plane, but will pinch itself closed when the boat is not planing.

The above image shows the 1” fiberglass tubes that connect the forward cockpit to the aft cockpit (under the middle seat).

This second image shows similar tubes under the back seat that have the “Elephant’s trunks” attached.

Installing these tubes while the boat is under construction would be very easy and the cost of this option will be minimal.

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The first installation shows the drain tubes, from the front  and in the back to elephant trunk drains on either side.

Elephant trunk drains in the upright position.

Elephant trunk drains lowered for draining.

    Below shows the lifting/securing mechanism.