Building the PT Skiff

Manual corrections and updates


page: 28: ....2’.... should read ...2” (inches)..

page: 45: Before pre-glassing the ribs, (as in photo 79) the edges should get rounded with a 3/16” or 1/4” round over bit.

page: 28 :  If there is any confusion about how to space the cradle formers, see your drawing #6 for a diagram.

P21:  “On the hull panels, make a quick trip around the EDGE of the panels with the long…”  =Words missing.  

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Top of P.19 of the manual instructs to cut four pieces of cloth 12” wide and use two of them to glass one side of the longitudinals. At the bottom of the same page it says to glass the other side. (clarification)

P15:  "Cut Strips about 4’ wide…"   Should be: 4” (inches)

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