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“...bought the e-book about five seconds after Small sailing tris let me know about it. Was worth the $6 before page 3...”

“...Many thanks for taking time to publish your epoxy e-book on "Epoxy Basics".  

I know these things take time away from serious work and I really appreciate your taking time to help those of us who work with wood and epoxy. I read the book today from start to finish and have learned a lot.”

“I've thought about it and decided I wouldn't change anything.  I like the fact that the explanations are brief but still contain everything you need to know.  Some writers like to explain everything in ten different ways and by the time you're finished reading it, you've forgotten the first thing. More books would be good, I'm a big fan.” G. Dierking

The ebook is one of the best on epoxy boatbuilding tips I have seen.  I love it and worth every penny!  I wish I read earlier as I have built several small boats already and these tips would have helped so much!  I plan to build more though. “ Dave

Shoeless Musings book review

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Our builder’s manuals for our kits average nearly 300 pages chock full of B/W photos.

Pre-purchase of our manuals entitles you to the purchase price credit upon ordering a kit. These manuals are helpful no matter what stitch and glue boat you might be building.

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Get in the Wooden Boat Game, A Guide for Building Your First Boat,  By Dan Mattson of the podcast and blog page, Hooked on Wooden Boats.

The purpose of this guide is to educate and inspire you to successfully build your first wooden boat.

the E-book cost is $4.99

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